See you on the flip side

Moving boxes

Tomorrow’s moving day! We started packing yesterday and have nearly finished everything today. There are a couple dozen boxes and a dozen garbage bags of soft stuff all piled up near the door, ready to be moved out into the truck. We pick the truck up this evening, load everything from the storage locker and what we can move out from here, and then finish the last of it tomorrow morning before hitting the road.

We’ll be leaving this view:

Apartment view

For this one:


I’m pretty happy with that trade-off! Although, as city views go, ours isn’t too bad. I’m looking forward to taking my tea down to the dock our first morning there and sitting and watching the lake, a relaxing experience you just can’t get in the city.

Our internet and tv get set up on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll be back online at the end of the week. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share!

See you at the other end!