Family and Friends
Willow House Chronicles (my mom)
Frontenac Birds (Dan)
Grammar Tales
Truth in Fiction
Girl With Remote
JM Oudesluys
The Moth Man
See Trail
Halcyon Handmade
Dunn Birding
One Lil’ Vegan
Dick Cannings: Birds and Books

Ontario Blogs
Beyond the Fields We Know
Blossoms & Birdsong
Body, Soul and Spirit
Bruce Di Labio’s blog
Bourgeois’ Blog
Burning Silo
Clouds Make My Day
Crafty Gardener
Dialogues With Silence
Don Watcher
Drew Monkman
Ethan Meleg Nature Photography
Feather Brained
Mungo Says Bah
My Muskoka
Native Plant Girl
Nature Trail
North Shore Nature
Ontario Wanderer
Opinicon Natural History
Rondeau Ric
Tales of the Nishiki
Thomasburg Walks
View from my iPhone
Wanderer`s Eye

Fellow Canadians
A Natural Evolution (AB)
Cicero Sings (BC)
Dave Ingram’s Natural History Blog (BC)
Dick Cannings: Birds and Books
Down in the Hollow (NS)
Gardening Zone 3b (AB)
Greenr (Canada)
Huckleberry Days (BC)
Nature at my Doorstep (BC)
Nature Canada’s blog
Nova Scotia Island Journal (NS)
Rock Paper Lizard (BC)
Russell’s Big Year (BC)
Saskatchewan Birds, Nature & Scenery (SK)
Say the Trees Have Ears (BC)
Spinyurchin’s Nature Notes (BC)
The Bug Whisperer (AB)
The House and Other Arctic Musings (NU)
Voice of the Turtle (NB)
Weird Bug Lady (QC)
Wanderin’ Weeta (BC)

The Nature Blog Network team
Nature Blog Network
Mike, 10,000 Birds (NY)
Nate, The Drinking Bird (NC)
Wren, Wrenaissance Reflections (MI)

Names You Might Know
Dick Cannings
Julie Zickefoose
Bill Thompson, III
Kenn and Kim Kaufman
Scott Weidensaul
Saw-whet Owl Research (Scott Weidensaul)
David Allen Sibley
Eric R. Eaton
Julie Craves
Rouge River Bird Observatory (Julie Craves)
Neil Gaiman
Robin McKinley

Other Excellent Reads

Northeastern US
A Brooklyn Bachelor (NY)
A DC Birding Blog (NJ)
A Passion For Nature (NY)
Backyard Biology (MA)
Bankside (OH)
Beth’s Stories (ME)
Blue Jay Barrens (OH)
Bootstrap Analysis (MI)
Coyote Soul (WI)
Dawn’s Bloggy Blog (roaming USA)
Global Swarming Honeybees (NY)
Goodbye Goods (NY)
Gossamer Tapestry (IL)
Havenwood (IN)
Hill-Stead Museum (CT)
Horticultural Soc. of NY (NY)
Isn’t it a Wonder
KaHolly (ME)
Lure of the Living (PA)
Mike’s Birding & Digiscoping Blog (WI)
Moth Magic (MI)
Myrmecos (IL)
Nature Remains (OH)
Naturespeak (MI)
Raletourn50 (MA)
Roundtop Ruminations (PA)
Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky (MD)
Susan Gets Native (OH)
Squirrel’s View (WV)
The Artful Abuela (NH)
The Feather and the Flower (NY)
The Modern Naturalist (DE)
The Nature of Things (NY)
The Ohio Nature Blog (OH)
The Wild Edge (ME)
Under Clear Skies (CT)
Via Negativa (PA)
Viewing Nature with Eileen (MD)
What’s Bugging You? (VA)
Wild About Nature (WI)
Woodsong (MI)

Southeastern US
A Photographic Journal (KY)
Beetles in the Bush (MO)
Dina’s City Wildlife Adventures (FL)
Drawing the Motmot (OK)
Folkways Notebook (KY)
From the Faraway, Nearby (OK)
John Wills Lloyd (VA)
Mary’s View (SC)
Natural Notes (KY)
Nature in the Ozarks (AR)
Roundrock Journal (MO)
RSHA of Tingsgrove (KY)
Space Coast Beach Buzz (FL)
Search and Serendipity (MS)
The Wanderings of a Georgia Depressionist (GA)

Northwestern US
Backyard and Beyond (WA)
Consworld (CO)
Iowa Voice (IA)
Rural Chatter (CO)
The Daily Coyote (WY)
The Northwest Nature Nut (OR)
The Sweet Seattle Life (WA)
Trixie’s View (AK)

Southwestern US
Christian Nature (CA)
Journals of an Amateur Naturalist (TX)
Liza Lee Miller (CA)
Mountain Meadows Photographs (UT)
Nature of a Man (CA)
Sierra Nevada Ramblings (CA)
Sense of Misplaced (AZ)
Sycamore Canyon (AZ)
The Backyard Birdman (CA)
The Birder’s Report (CA)
The Dragonfly Woman (AZ)
The Little House in the Not-so-big Woods (TX)
Xenogere (TX)

Outside North America
A Snail’s Eye View (Australia)
Caroline at Coastcard (South Wales, UK)
City Pollen (Paris, France)
Earth, Wind & Water (Caribbean)
Essex Moths (Essex, UK)
Irman Kuvia (Finland)
Natureheads Blog (Berkshire, UK)
Poetuition (Australia)
SEO-Arajuez (Spain)
Song For Jasmine (Switzerland)
Spatium Terra (Chile)
The Nature of Robertson (Australia)
The Other Realm (Australia)

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