My Fiction

pen_fictionWhen I’m not wrapped up in creating field guides or online conferences, I’m busy writing my own novels. I write Young Adult (teen) fiction, mostly speculative (elements of fantasy or science fiction). I’ve been a reader for longer than I can remember, and I love creating things, so perhaps it was inevitable that one day I would come to making my own books. Novels were a natural offshoot from the field guides – after the structure and sometimes tedium of the guide books, novels were free and fun.

I’ve been on-again-off-again writing fiction since 2009, completed seven novels, briefly agented, taken long hiatuses (after the kids were born), and am now – finally! – able to return to it in a serious way again.

My current work-in-progress is a YA high fantasy about a girl who wants to become (what else?) a biologist, but her dreams are threatened when she’s falsely accused of murder.

I’m penning my fiction under the pseudonym Seabrooke Carder, to help separate it from my nonfiction books. The surname is an acronym created from my kids’ names.

WOClogoFalling under the umbrella of my fiction is my role as coordinator of WriteOnCon, an entirely-online three-day conference for children’s book writers. I attended when this was originally created in 2010; after the organizers had to shelve it due to increasing time commitments, I and a few of my writing friends rebooted it in 2017. I’m extremely proud of what it’s become.

WriteOnCon is an annual event that runs in February. It offers over 100 events including blog posts, podcasts, and live Q&As and panels. Additionally, there are active critique forums for writers to post their work for feedback, and during our fundraiser campaign, critiques available for purchase from industry professionals including agents and editors. Admission is $15 or less and you can attend without ever leaving home. If you’re a fellow writer, I hope you’ll check it out.

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