Sunday Snapshots: Squirrel update

I had grand plans for productivity this weekend. And while I was, in fact, extremely productive, it was on none of the things I had really wanted to be productive on. I spent some 15 hours this weekend working on the moth guide manuscript edits… but more on that tomorrow (hopefully). At some point, I … Continue reading “Sunday Snapshots: Squirrel update”

New Year’s introspection

I planned to take a leisurely hike this afternoon, perhaps over to the 100-acre woods, but was thwarted by the weather, which was gray and drizzly all day. I did still go out, but it was just a quick stroll to the back of the property and back. My tolerance for being wet runs about … Continue reading “New Year’s introspection”

Avens seed heads

My great aunt gave me a bit of money for Christmas this year, as she does every year. It took me all of about two milliseconds for me to decide what to do with it. I bought new snowshoes! Last winter I’d been using the landlord’s traditional wood-and-catgut snowshoes, which she’d left behind for our … Continue reading “Avens seed heads”