Today at Kingsford

New puppy

A new addition to the family! Blackburnian and I had been thinking about getting a dog for a little while. We didn’t have space in the apartment back in the city, but now that we have the house in the country we’ve got lots of room for a dog. We waited till we were settled in ourselves, then started looking around. We found these black lab/border collie cross puppies in a town nearby, conveniently one of the towns closest to us, ready to head to their new homes. We picked her up this evening.

She’s settling in well (as I type this she’s tuckered out and snoozing after having explored the house). We have yet to decide on a name for her, we’re waiting until we’ve had her a few days, she’s feeling adjusted, and her personality has started to come out.

New puppy


5 responses to “Today at Kingsford

  1. Congrats. She’s lovely! What a beautiful face. Enjoy!

  2. She’s adorable. Does she really have blue eyes, or is that just an effect of the photo?

  3. Ahhhhhh…… the marvelous that’s puppy! Such a grand addition to your home. And such a lovely mix of parentage: the mellow of labs, the energy of the border collie and the
    intelligence of both! Congratulations!

  4. Keep an eye on the fish hooks; with that sleek black coat, she looks as though she’ll be a real water dog. Congratulations on your new furchild!

  5. themarvelousinnature

    Thanks, everyone. Wren, I think it’s just an effect of the photo, although I do recall reading somewhere that they’re born with blue eyes that gradually become brown.

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