The best of 2008

As I indicated yesterday, today is my one-year blogoversary. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d pick out my favourite post from each month in 2008 and highlight them here. This proved tougher than I originally anticipated, with some difficult decisions having to be made, particularly during the summer months when there’s so much of interest to talk about. However, here are the ones I ended up selecting. For readers who joined me mid-year, some of these may be new and I hope you find them interesting! For readers who have been with me since the start, I hope you enjoy re-reading them!


January One amongst the redpolls
I went out to fill the feeders, and a whole flock of hungry redpolls swarmed them before I had moved away, a pretty neat experience.

Gypsy Moth pupa case

February Cattail thwacks revisited
A post about gypsy moth egg masses I found on the trunks of some trees mid-winter.

Cattail Caterpillar

March Cotton candy for blackbirds
I love this one because it lead to a probable new BC record for the species after Wandering Weeta read my post and investigated her own cattail patch.

Red-tailed Hawk

April Red-tail fly-by
A Red-tailed Hawk hanging around low enough for some neat shots.

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

May Tenting it with the family
I really deliberated over May, but this one finally won out. I have a thing for underdogs, and I thought the silk trails were cool.

Gray Treefrog

June Gray, but not really
A delightfully obliging (or distracted?) Gray Treefrog that I discovered in my parents’ water garden one evening.

Male and female dobsonflies

July X-rated Dobsonflies
We all need a little animal porn now and then.


August Arrival of the dog-days
I had trouble with August. August found us in a new home, in an absolutely stunning location, full of new things. I finally settled on this one because it’s an event you don’t often get a chance to observe.

Hairy Woodpecker

September Hammerhead, harpoon-tongue
This woodpecker hung around the yard for a few days, allowing some great views.

Northern Walkingstick, Diapheromera femorata

October All legs
I hardly ever come across walkingsticks, so this one was exciting to find clinging to the outside of the house one morning.

Biotite mica

November Relicts of a past age
I don’t do much with geology or minerals, so this was an different subject. It was also an interesting look at some of the history of the area.


December The Carolinian woodpecker
I was very excited when this bird showed up at our feeders, since it’s uncommon in our area, and happens to be one of my favourite woodpeckers.


5 responses to “The best of 2008

  1. “Cotton candy for blackbirds” is my favourite title, and I loved the shots of the emergence of the cicada.
    Maybe I’ll steal this month-by-month idea when my blog turns one.

  2. It’s fun to look back on your year, Lavenderbay. I’ll enjoy reading what you come up with.

  3. We’re at the same latitude as you and we just got a RBWO, also a female, at our feeder, this month – first ever for this township.

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