Now I know why they call the firemen out

Cat on a cold shingle roof


Author: Seabrooke

Author of Peterson Field Guide to Moths. #WriteOnCon Mastermind. Writer of action/thriller SF/F YA. Story junkie. Nature nut. Tea addict. Mother. Finding happiness in the little things. Twitter: @SeabrookeN / @SeabrookeLeckie

5 thoughts on “Now I know why they call the firemen out”

  1. I once asked a good friend of mine who is a firefighter if he ever had to get a cat out of a tree. His response to me was “Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? They don’t need help getting down.”

  2. We’ve had several ‘cat in the tree’ calls, although we all share Clare’s sentiment we always help the home owner out and chalk it up to good civic service ;-)

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