Today at Kingsford – Technical difficulties

Raven and beagle friend

I apologize for my longer-than-usual absence. This weekend I was away at my parents’, for an early Easter dinner timed to coincide with my sister’s birthday. I had hoped to get another post up on Friday before heading out, but ran out of time, as it usually goes. And now, I return home and sit down to put something together this evening from photos I’ve taken in the last few days, and it appears the socket on my camera where the data transfer cable plugs into is broken. The computer recognizes there’s something at the end of the cable, but can’t identify what it is (both my PC and Dan’s Mac do this, so it’s not just Windows being stupid). Soooo… I suppose I’ll need to get myself a card reader or otherwise figure out an alternative means of getting the photos off of the card. In the meantime, I will probably see what I’ve got kicking around in the archives of my computer, and perhaps share some photos of subjects I took mid-winter and stored away for lean times that fortunately never came.

Raven and beagle friend

Here is one such set. Last week when I took Raven out for her daily walk we were joined by a neighbour’s beagle. He hooked up with us about 500 meters into the walk, and came with us for the next kilometer out, and then the 1.5 kilometers all the way back to our house. The three of us all traipsed down to the dock, where the water was melted enough I could put the canoe in (for the first time this spring!) and invite the dogs in to join me for a short paddle. Amusingly, the beagle jumped right in with little need for encouragement, while Raven required quite a bit of coaxing.

Raven and beagle friend

The poor little guy was game but really needed longer legs to keep up with Raven the Rocket Dog. And Raven wasn’t about to wait up for any short guys. However, they still seemed to have a good time together. I felt bad sending him away when it was time for Raven and I to go inside (so I could give her a much-needed bath). Raven doesn’t often get an opportunity to interact with other dogs (or people) out here, so it’s nice when she gets to play with one of the neighbours.

Raven and beagle friend

Raven and beagle friend

Raven and beagle friend


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