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6842 - Plagodis phlogosaria - Straight-lined Plagodis (2)
Straight-lined Plagodis, Plagodis phlogosaria

I’ve been doing a lot of mothing lately. I’ve been delighted that this year I’m in a spot where I can put out my lights in my backyard on any given night, whenever the weather’s good, and not have to either travel to another site, or wait until I’m visiting my parents, as I did last spring. It’s been incredibly convenient, and I’ve been taking advantage of it. Among other things, it’s allowed me to slowly learn each new species as it appears, rather than being gone for a week or two and then being faced with a few dozen new species when I next put the sheet out, a little overwhelming.

I’ve been putting most of my moth-related posts up over at NAMBI, since I have no shortage of things to talk about here anyway. I’ll post links here from time to time as a reminder, but if you’d like to keep up on what’s happening on the moth front, head over there to read more. Today’s post: how to keep from going crazy as you try to learn the hundreds of species of moth that fly in your backyard. And yes, it IS possible to learn them all!


Author: Seabrooke

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