Sunday Snapshots: Being Harried

Hairy Woodpecker - female

NB: I didn’t get a chance to post these on actual Sunday, as our internet service provider seemed to be suffering an outage. So they’re going up Monday, but I’ve backdated them to Sunday.

Here are another couple of species that have been frequenting our feeders, but that I didn’t have room to mention on Friday. Clearly, the female Hairy Woodpecker (above) rules the roost.

Hairy Woodpecker - female

Hairy Woodpecker - female

Hairy Woodpecker - female

Hairy Woodpecker - female


Author: Seabrooke

Author of Peterson Field Guide to Moths. #WriteOnCon Mastermind. Writer of action/thriller SF/F YA. Story junkie. Nature nut. Tea addict. Mother. Finding happiness in the little things. Twitter: @SeabrookeN / @SeabrookeLeckie

7 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Being Harried”

  1. She’s hysterical and marvelous and adorable! Jays are usually so full of themselves, so there’s a bit of comeuppance that tickles me with seeing her stand her ground (or, rather, sit her feeder) with the jay wondering if it’s safe. That fourth photo really does it for me. Pure delight!

    1. BTW, the ‘subscribe to comments’ function seems to be broken. Each time I leave a comment and check the box, I get an e-mail saying I have to click a link to confirm that I want to receive notices for future comments on that post. It happens for every post I comment on. But when I click the links, I’m asked to login with a ID and password so I can confirm. Strange… (Or is it just me? That would not surprise me in the least!)

      1. That is strange… not sure what’s going on there. I’ve never had that problem when I subscribe to posts, but then, I’ve already got a WordPress ID so maybe it skips that step. Anything on the FAQ pages about it? You could probably submit a comment to them pointing it out.

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