Sunday Snapshots: Walking the dog

Raven and snow

I take a lot of photos of landscapes, and particularly Raven-in-landscapes. I don’t share them often, though, mostly because I’m busy sharing other things. Here’s a selection of some recent ones.

Raven and snow

Raven and snow

Raven and snow

Raven and snow


4 responses to “Sunday Snapshots: Walking the dog

  1. I really like the third one, of Raven on the road… very cool :)

  2. Is that trail skiable yet?

    Love the second picture of Raven heading towards the old house — so timeless.

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos. I always love seeing Raven featured in some of your shots. Of course that may be because I am partial to Labrador Retrievers as I have one in my family as well. I remember one post you did last winter where you went ice skating on a lake with Raven. I thought that was so neat.

  4. Thanks, Nic. She was being a good girl and sit-staying for me while I checked out some Wild Turkey tracks.

    Yup, probably, Lavenderbay. I haven’t tried taking out the skis yet, though. A week ago, just after the freezing rain, the ruts in the trail made by the ATVs that use it had filled up with water and then frozen. I could have taken my skates and skated the whole length of it.

    They’re beautiful dogs, Darcy, and so friendly. It took Raven a while to get used to being out on the ice, but once she did she really took to it. It was great fun going skating with her, and a great workout for her, too.

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