Puppy fundraiser

Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler - 7x6"- Niagara Birds - SOLD

We’re getting a puppy! For the last year or perhaps even longer, Dan and I have discussed getting a friend for Raven. While we lived at the lake house there was a beagle down the road who would occasionally come by, and the two of them got along famously. However, she has little opportunity to see other dogs now; the only one in the neighbourhood that we see much of Raven is ambivalent at best towards, and most of the time our walks don’t take us down the road anyway (we’ve got plenty of our own land we can roam, where I can let Raven off-leash). Perth has no dog park, and the nearest one is nearly an hour away. When she meets other dogs now it almost seems like she’s forgetting the language. We thought that adopting another dog would not only give Raven someone to socialize with, but would also give her a friend for company during the hours Dan and I are working and to play with when we go outside.

Four weeks old here - isn't he sweet?

After considering the temperaments and traits of various medium-sized breeds, we settled on Boston Terrier as being hopefully the best match for Raven, and when a litter came up for sale not too far from us we put our name down for one. I went to met them last week. The little boy above will be coming home three weeks from now. It will probably take us a lot longer than that to settle on a name.

As anyone who’s adopted a dog knows, there are a lot of expenses that come with it. Besides the adoption price, there are also toys and accessories if you don’t already have them, shots and neutering/spaying if they haven’t already been done, and of course puppy food. Fortunately, we do have most of the dog accessories because we have Raven. To help out with the other costs, I’ve decided it’d be a good time to clear out some old artwork I have.

These are drawings I did in 2008 for the now-published book Niagara Birds by John Black and Kayo Roy. At the time they were planning on illustrating all of the accounts with black-and-white artwork, I suppose because the cost to print b&w was less than that for colour, and they had a tight budget. They asked me to draw all of the warblers of Ontario, plus the turkeys (the latter based on a sketch I included in an electronic Christmas card that they liked). Final tally was 38 drawings. Then sometime during the manuscript preparation process they decided to go with colour photographs for most of the accounts instead – I’m not sure if they were having trouble finding enough artists, or realized the cost for colour wasn’t as much as they were expecting, or some other reason. In any case, fewer than half of my drawings ultimately got used. The original plan had been for the book launch to also be an art show of all the contributing artists’ works, but given that the book was mostly photographs, that didn’t happen either.

So long story short, I’ve got 36 drawings that have been sitting in my portfolio for the last couple of years (I already sold two to friends – can you figure out which species?). They are all light-resistant, waterproof ink on acid-free paper (meaning they won’t fade or yellow). The paper dimensions are 9×12 inches, but the actual drawings vary depending on the image – measurements given in the caption as WxH. These are all original, not reproductions. Each one represents about 6-8 hours of work.

I’m offering these at the fire-sale price of 1 for $40, 2 for $60, 3 for $80, or 4 for $100. Etc. Price includes shipping/postage. If you are interested in buying any, leave a comment here or email me (canadianowlet AT gmail.com) saying which ones you’d like.

The ones that were included in the book are indicated below the image. Two drawings (Northern Waterthrush and Yellow-throated Warbler) are favourites of mine that I’d like to reserve for myself, but would consider selling at actual value for an 8-hour work ($120). Larger versions of all drawings can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Black-and-white Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler - 6x7"
Bay-breasted Warbler - 6x6" - SOLD
Blackburnian Warbler - 6x7" - SOLD
Black-throated Blue Warbler - 9x6"
Black-throated Green Warbler - 9x7" - SOLD
Black-throated Gray Warbler - 7x6"- Niagara Birds
Blue-winged Warbler - 7x6"
Canada Warbler - 8x5" - Niagara Birds - SOLD
Cerulean Warbler - 9.5x6.5" - SOLD
Cape May Warbler - 9x6" - SOLD
Connecticut Warbler - 9x5" - SOLD
Common Yellowthroat - 8x8" - SOLD
Chestnut-sided Warbler - 9x6" - SOLD
Golden-winged Warbler - 6x8" - SOLD
Hooded Warbler - 8x6" - Niagara Birds - SOLD
Kentucky Warbler - 7x5" - Niagara Birds
Louisiana Waterthrush - 6x7" - SOLD
Magnolia Warbler - 6x6" - SOLD
Mourning Warbler - 7x6"
Nashville Warbler - 5.5x6"- Niagara Birds - SOLD
Northern Parula - 8x6" - SOLD
Northern Waterthrush - 9x5.5" - Niagara Birds - RESERVED
Orange-crowned Warbler - 7x5.5"
Ovenbird - 6x5"
Pine Warbler - 6x7"
Prairie Warbler - 7x7" - Niagara Birds - SOLD
Prothonotary Warbler - 6x5" - Niagara Birds
Tennessee Warbler - 8.5x6" - Niagara Birds
Worm-eating Warbler - 6x8" - SOLD
Wilson's Warbler - 8x5.5" - SOLD
Western Palm Warbler - 7x4.5" - Niagara Birds
Yellow-breasted Chat - 6x7" - Niagara Birds
Yellow-throated Warbler - 6x7" - Niagara Birds - RESERVED
Yellow Warbler - 5x9" - SOLD
Wild Turkey - 10x5.5"

Author: Seabrooke

Author of Peterson Field Guide to Moths. #WriteOnCon Mastermind. Writer of action/thriller SF/F YA. Story junkie. Nature nut. Tea addict. Mother. Finding happiness in the little things. Twitter: @SeabrookeN / @SeabrookeLeckie

20 thoughts on “Puppy fundraiser”

  1. Congrats on the puppy. Boston Terrier is my fav. breed, just like Chet Baker, eh? ;)

    Good luck with the sale…I linked this post on my Facebook for my birder/artist friends.

    Beautiful drawings, btw.

    1. Thanks, PSYL! Yup, just like Chet. He was one of the ambassadors of the breed when we were considering different options. I know a few people who have Bostons, though strangely I’d never met one in person prior to going to see the puppies last week. Fell in love with the mother almost instantly.

  2. Your drawings are absolutely stunning! I wish I could afford a couple of them, but I know they won’t last long! Love that you are adopting a friend for Raven. ~karen

  3. I’d like one, please. Or maybe two. My three top choices are: Black-Throated Green, Common Yellowthroat, or Yellow. Whichever is/are left after you’ve sold one or two.

    I think getting a companion for Raven is a great idea. Despite their occasionaly quarrels, Cai and Fergus have so much fun together — it’s worth the extra kibble.

    1. That’s our hope, Lavenderbay. Dan discovered a video he took of Raven and the beagle playing together at the old house, and they looked so happy.

      I’ll send you an email re: the drawings. You’re the first to respond, so you can have dibs.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. You know, for most people drawing’s as much practice as it is talent (admittedly there are a few out there who are the artistic equivalent of tone-deaf, though, and another small group of born naturals – but for everyone else, it’s just practice). Draw for half an hour every day and you’d be surprised at how quickly you improve. My stick-figures were just as awkward as the next kindergartener’s, but the difference was I kept drawing, and I drew all the time, growing up.

    1. Thanks, socrmom – it took Raven a while to warm up, but she’s really starting to appreciate having someone to play with. Once he’s grown enough to keep up with her outside, I’m sure they’ll be inseparable!

    1. We were a little nervous, Barbara; we dropped the ball a bit on Raven’s dog socialization period as a puppy (being out in the boonies, we didn’t see many other dogs, and it was a long drive in to the nearest dog park) and she gets really scared and anxious when we take her to dog parks now. Getting a puppy was partly to give her a dog that she can get over her anxiety by playing with. She was terrified of him at first, wouldn’t have anything to do with him, would growl when he came close… but she’s slowly warmed up to him, and they play together happily now. He can bounce all over her and she barely bats an eye. She’s an easy-going dog at heart.

    1. Thanks, Spinneret! I do know of the guild, but am not actually a member. I mostly do art as a hobby, and just sell the odd piece here or there, but if I were involved in it more full-time I’d look into joining.

  4. Hi Seabrooke,
    I’m an ESL teacher in Calgary and I’ve developed a reading test using content about the Canadian Warbler. I’m writing to ask for your permission to use a 2 inch copy of your wonderful illustration of the Canadian Warbler on my test. The picture really demonstrates the features of the bird clearly. (Nice job!!) The test will be used at my school and we would not be profiting from it. I would be sure to cite your name as the artist of the picture. What do you think?

  5. WHYY must you be so GOOOD?!?!? I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of yo technic. Teach it too me. will ya, bro?

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