Easter bunnies

Easter birthday cake

In a slight state of desperation this morning, I sat down with my camera and a safety pin and attempted a bit of surgery. It seems to have worked, as I was able to finally transfer the images off the card, but I am still looking forward to getting the card reader as peace of mind. The reader will be faster anyway, and then I don’t have to worry about the data transfer slot not working again.

This is the photo that spurred me to drastic measures this morning. It’s actually a birthday cake I made for my sister last weekend, as she had made the request for cheesecake with bunnies on it. Being very Easter-themed, pleased with how they turned out, and lacking any actual rabbits on which to post about (I can’t believe we still haven’t seen one here), I wanted to share the cakes on Easter Sunday as an appropriate post – posting them Tuesday kind of defeats the purpose.

So, wishing everyone a relaxing and/or fun-filled long weekend and Happy Easter!

PS – Don’t forget to get your Moth and Me submissions in to me by the end of tomorrow!