Sunday Snapshots – Out Skiing


It was a nice afternoon today, mild, sunny to start though it clouded over a bit later. Dan suggested we go out for a ski, and I was happy to join him. I handed him the camera on the way back and asked him to take a photo, ’cause I’m never in photos, always behind them.



The photos of Dan were shot from the hip, partly so I didn’t have to disentangle my ski pole to remove the camera from my shoulder so I could raise it to my face to take a photo. But mostly so that I could get candid shots, ’cause candid are much more interesting than posed.

The downside to shooting from the hip is that it takes some practice to know where the camera’s pointing. Particularly when you’re trying to take the photos stealthily, not looking like you’re actually taking photos. I run off dozens. Every once in a while I get lucky. Mostly I don’t.





Realizing you’ve got it set on manual focus helps with getting better photos, too.