Today at Kingsford – Birds on the lawn


So, remember back in the summer how we stopped mowing our lawn? We ended up getting a lot of weeds and wildflowers sprouting up. I liked it, I always like the variety of flowers and colour, and I think an “unkempt” lawn is nicer than a manicured one. In town there are often bylaws against it, but out here one can really do what they like with their property, except for anything that might affect water or other common resources (which can be good or bad, depending on what’s being done and whether you’re the one doing it).


Turns out, the birds liked it better too. Yesterday we had a whole pile of snow, which continued to fall for most of the day. Our feeders were inundated with birds. The nyger feeders were overflowing, with all spaces filled with hungry beaks and more waiting in the wings. Some individuals tried out the suet feeder or ventured onto the platform feeder for the sunflower seeds and millet.


And then there was this opportunistic flock of birds, who discovered the weeds poking out of the snow in the lawn, and started availing themselves of the seeds still clinging to the dead stems. The flock consisted of goldfinches, siskins and American Tree Sparrows, an interesting mixed group. There may have been a couple dozen out there at its busiest. I was glad we hadn’t mowed the lawn.