Sunday Snapshots: Peruvian hummingbirds

Golden-tailed Sapphire by Kapitan Hojo on Picasaweb

As a continuation on the weekend’s theme presented by yesterday’s post, today I thought I’d do a snapshots of the different hummingbird species from the Manu region of Peru. There are currently 22 species of hummingbird listed on the checklist of birds of the Manu Wildlife Centre, and that’s just what’s been recorded at this one site. For a girl from eastern North America, where we have a grand total of one hummingbird species, this abundance is a veritable smorgasbord of jeweled goodness. I’ve selected a few of the flashiest for inclusion here. Since I personally have no photos of tropical hummingbirds, I’ve borrowed all of these off the net through Creative Commons licenses.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

Booted Racket-tail by kookr on Flickr
Festive Coquette by Dario Sanches on Flickr
Violet-capped Woodnymph by Dario Sanches on Flickr
Rufous-breasted Hermit by barloventomagico on Flickr
Blue-tailed Emerald by jerryoldenettel on Flickr
Fork-tailed Woodnymph by jerryoldenettel on Flickr
Black-throated Mango by Lip_Kee on Flickr
White-necked Jacobin by The_Tardigrade on Flickr
Long-tailed Hermit by kookr on Flickr
Blue-tailed Emerald by prosper973 on Flickr
Crimson Topaz by jerryoldenettel on Flickr

(this last one isn’t actually on the Manu checklist, but is supposed to occur in the lowlands of Peru, and I just couldn’t resist including it – look at that brilliant firey colour!)