Up and running for real this time

Sunrise over Big Clear Lake

This morning, Dan and I rolled out of bed at 3:30am to prepare for a visit to Rock Ridge. This was our fifth of seven total visits we’ll be making to the site. There is very little reward to getting up well before the crack of dawn, but watching the sun rise on clear mornings happens to be one. The moon this morning was the tiniest sliver of a crescent, beautiful in its daintiness, hanging just over the horizon as the sun’s colours began to wash the sky’s lower edge. Sadly, the moon at any stage is very difficult to adequately capture with a camera.

We had a quiet and relatively uneventful morning. I collected some photos for a few posts for this week. The real story, however, was after we arrived home again. Shortly after we’d parked the car, as we were gathering our stuff from the back of it, the white van of the internet technician rolled up the drive, here to install our internet connection! A couple hours and a couple of sections of TV tower later, and we have liftoff! I have lots to catch up on over the next couple of days, but now that we have internet in the comfort of our own home, after three weeks of disconnectedness (can you tell I’m excited?), I should be able to get back to a regular schedule of posting (good thing, too, I’ve got a backlog of photos piling up). I had wanted to get something substantial up this evening, but ended up using the time to tackle other tasks I’d been neglecting during our downtime. Tomorrow, more weird plants (in what looks like it might be the week’s theme, spinning off from this post last week).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear a bed calling my name. The bed and I, we haven’t seen each other for over 20 hours; it’s going to be a wonderful reunion.