Looking for lost time

birdingSelf-portrait, birding at Maplewood Bog

This post could alternatively be called looking for fast, reliable internet. Our account went over-quota late last night due to a leaky program on one of our two computers, resulting in a nearly-useless connection for most of today. I have all the photos picked out and edited for my Monday Miscellany, but have been waiting for our penalty time to expire and the ‘net to come back up to speed. Naturally, it finally did so right about my bedtime. On the up side, I got quite a bit of work done today without the internet at hand to distract me.

Dan and I are off to Rock Ridge tomorrow, bright and early, for what we hope will be another productive day of MAPS. Back to normally scheduled programming tomorrow. Look for some hungry babies, sexy males, and flashy tails in tomorrow’s Tuesday Miscellany!