A sneak peek at the new home

Porch on north side
The north side of the new house - note the screened-in porch!

Back in April I mentioned that our landlord had decided to list his house. We got the news a couple of weeks ago that it had sold, and that as of the end of the month we would be moving out. We investigated a number of places in the area, but for one reason or another, none of them worked out. Coincidentally, it turned out that my sister’s friend owned a house up near Perth that would be vacant beginning this summer and was considering renting it out. We were looking, they were looking, we both knew each other to be good people, it was serendipitous timing and a happy turn of events. We’ll be moving in July 1.

View north from house
Looking north from the house - a mowed trail goes all the way to the back of the 30 acres, through mostly meadows.

This afternoon Dan and I headed up there to see the house again and walk about the property, as well as check out the nearby town of Perth. I had visited the home back in May, but Dan hadn’t yet seen it. Even though I’d been there once already, it was interesting to note how much things had filled out and grown up even in the few weeks since I’d last seen it. There were more birds around, too, many species that hadn’t yet arrived when I’d visited in May. We were pleased to note a few more northern breeders, such as White-throated Sparrow, Nashville Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler. Of course, mid-afternoon wasn’t the most ideal time for birding, so it will be interesting to see what’s present when we’re actually there for the early morning hours.

At the back of the property is a dense stand of cedar and tamarack in a wet boggy bit - this is where the White-throated Sparrow was.

Although the new house doesn’t have the wow factor that our current one does, looking out over the lake, it has lots of land to roam with a variety of habitats, and should be every bit as interesting to explore. The house is larger, more room for both ourselves and our pets. And Raven had great fun bounding through the long grass, she rarely has an opportunity to be off-leash here in the forest now that everything’s breeding.

It’s a bit frustrating to find ourselves moving again less than a year from our last move, but we expect that this will be the last move we’ll have to make until we’re ready to buy a home of our own. Once we’re moved in and settled, I’m sure I’ll have lots more photos to share!

Raven waiting in the car
Heading home.