Who are you?


One of the things I’ve loved about blogging but that was unexpected when I first started has been the community of like-minded people. I love that I can post a photo of something unknown and somebody will be able to identify it for me. I like when readers comment about similar experiences they’ve had, or when I perhaps (unintentionally) answered a question they had. It’s fun when readers take what I’ve shared and then go out to search for it themselves – sometimes with surprising and interesting results. And although there are many, many more excellent blogs out there than I’m humanly able to visit on a regular basis, I also like popping over to see what’s going on in other bloggers’ worlds.

When I started this blog in January last year, I knew pretty much all of my regular readers. It was pretty simple at the beginning – there were only a dozen or two people who visited the blog with any frequency. Twenty months later, the readership of this blog has grown substantially – far more people drop by than I’d ever imagined when I first started it! As the blog grows, I’ve started to feel more of a disconnect from the readership. And I’m still a relatively small fish – I have to imagine that bloggers with enough readers to rank on the frontpage of the Nature Blog Network have trouble with this on an even larger scale.

I love that I’m reaching more people, but I wish I better knew who I was reaching. So I want to hear from YOU, the reader: Who are you? Where are you from? Do you keep your own blog? What brought you here – and better yet, what keeps you here?

I’ve been thinking of adding in more interactive posts – polls, quizes, etc. Perhaps as another weekly regular akin to my Monday Miscellany. Is this something readers would enjoy participating in? Or should I stick to the information-sharing style that I’ve built the blog this far upon?

I have been meaning to update and reorganize my blogroll for ages, too. If you have me listed on your blogroll, but you don’t appear on mine, please leave me a comment! I already have some of my readers on a list of need-to-adds, but it can be hard to discover everybody.

Finally, a very big, heartfelt THANK-YOU to all my readers, past and present, for your patronage! You’re the reason I keep sitting down at the keyboard in the evening, because it gets a little lonely if you’re just blogging to yourself.