Today at Kingsford – Raven, waiting

Raven, waiting

Here, Raven waits patiently for me to finish photographing the dead snake that we found on our walk Sunday afternoon. She’s become very patient with me and my photography habit, despite that it delays her from her walk, or other activity (in this case, she was waiting to go swimming). I snuck in a photo while she wasn’t looking.

Speaking of patiently waiting, my Miscellany post will have to wait till tomorrow. Yesterday our internet was “broken” (our download quota exceeded, the transfer speed slows to the point that a snail out for a casual stroll will still move faster), so I put off trying to do anything until it was back to speed, in the interest of preserving all of my hair. Today we were out preparing the third and final MAPS site, Rock Ridge (check out Dan’s work blog, Frontenac Birds for more about all that), and finally arrived home late this afternoon, exhausted. I had entertained the thought of actually getting some work done this evening, but I’m afraid my brain’s the thing that’s “broken” now – it’s just not operating at its normal capacity at the moment. Tomorrow we’re off for our very first day of MAPS banding, and I’m excited! Even through my haze of exhaustion. A good night’s sleep will be just the thing, and tomorrow will be an easier day physically, not to mention shorter – we should be back by early afternoon, and following a good nap I should be feeling back to my usual self. I’ll also have lots to talk about, I’m sure!