Scheduled post: Frogs in the garden

Leopard Frog

Over the weekend I spotted a couple of frogs hanging out in my garden, enjoying the flowers. The first was this huge Leopard Frog, who seemed to take a liking to the Love-Lies-Bleeding. Consider that that’s a 6-inch diameter pot. Leopard Frogs are one of the more common frogs of ponds and wetlands through much of southern Ontario, so I’d seen many, but this was easily the largest one I’d encountered. I saw him in that pot on three occasions over as many days; he was there often enough to flatten out a depression in the soil surface where he sat.

Wood Frog

The other was this Wood Frog, who I disturbed when I went to sort through my moth trap one morning. I wrote about Wood Frogs last spring after an encounter with one who came to my moth sheet one night, and also posted about mating Wood Frogs I discovered this spring.


3 responses to “Scheduled post: Frogs in the garden

  1. Hi

    Isn’t it amazing what a simple pleasure like spotting a leopard frog and a wood frog canbring to your day.

    Life is amazing! Thanks, simple and elegant.

  2. It’s too cute that the frog seemed to like that pot so much that it pretty much moved in. These critters always bring a smile to my face.

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